Ice Cream+ President Obama+ UofO

21 Oct

Obama’s Ice cream, that’s how the International students called.

Prince Puckler’s Gourmet Ice Cream, few blocks from the University of Oregon, is one of the best ice cream shop in Eugene. It has been chosen for a best ice cream in Eugene in local newspaper survey, as well as other magazines, such as SKY(Delta Airline Magazine) and Sunset Magazine, picked it up for the place to visit.

(By Schmuelick)

1. One of the biggest advertisement for it is the Barack and Michelle Obama’s visit in 2008.

(By Oregonianphoto)

2. Also, A cafe in the University of Oregon, Fishbowl, provides its ice creams and root beer float all year. Since Prince Puckler is a little far from the main part of the campus, it helps to promote Prince Puckler.

3. Another reason of Prince Puckler’s popularity is its location. It is on 19th and Agate, which is not really convenient for college students, but There are several popular restaurant around the store. McMenamins, Beppe and Giannis Trattoria, and Eugene City Bakery. All restaurants and bakery are famous and popular, Prince Puckler’s ice cream can be a good dessert after a meal.
Prince Puckler’s ice cream established its position as a fancy dessert place as well as nice summer time break place.

Since it is on the opposite side from Eugene downtown area and the main street of UofO, I would suggest Prince Puckler can expand its business by providing its ice cream stand or food cart by the main campus entrance and somewhere in the downtown, as well as at the Saturday Market.


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