Viva ☆ Vegetarian’s way to succeed

28 Oct

My diet has changed a lot since I came here, Eugene. Although Eugene is only place I have lived in the U.S. (I have traveled 5, 6 states), I feel more vegetarians or vegans in Eugene comparing to other states. This is one of the most popular and my favorite vegetarian food cart, “Viva! Vegetarian Grill.”

I think this food cart has a good marketing even with a low budget

1. Special goods (“Meat Free” T-shirts, stickers and cookies)
Its goods are very unique. It does not say its name on either T-shirts or cookies, but “Meet Free,” this is a strong word and tells everything they would like to say. Also the design is interesting. It is lik a dear crossing road sign with a pig. Colors are green and yellow which represent Eugene, specifically the Uof O. It is well targeting on Eugene residents.
If you are interested in its T-shirts, you can visit its Etsy site (Click links above). You can get a sticker at the cart!

2. Saturday market, Street fair, any kind of Lane community food festival
Viva Vegetarian Grill is always there if there is any food related event. It is important for a local business to show up as many place as it can and have the people remember the name. Saturday market is a good place to obtain new customers and represent Eugene-like food.

3. .50 discount when you arrive on a bicycle, you show a Student ID and it is raining. 
Majority of Eugene residents use a bike everyday, are students. And of course, it rains often. The customers can more likely have discounts. This makes its customers think that the Viva Vegetarian Grill cares about its customers. This is important for Viva Vegetarian Grill to gain a trust among the locals.

And its flavor is great. Even if you are a meat eater, you cannot tell if it is made of Tofu unless someone tells you.
Viva Vegetarian Grill is on 12th and Willamette Street. If you have a chance to visit Eugene, or live in Eugene, this is a worth place to visit.


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