How many bakeries do you know in Eugene?

4 Nov

 (By InfoMofo)

Till recent, I have not noticed there are the many bakeries in Eugene. I have complained that there was no good bakery in Eugene for the first few months. Even I saw some breads at the Saturday market, I could never find a store. After living for two years, I have found out bakeries exists and some of them are really good.

Hideaway Bakery 
3377 East Amazon Drive Eugene, OR
Hideaway Bakery use wood-fired oven to bake with recycled wood (wasted wood). In spring and fall, all vegetables and fruits are directly come from their South Eugene firm, and they are organic. They sell breads at the Saturday market and

SweetLife Pastries 
755 Monroe St. Eugene. OR
SweetLife is famous for varieties of delicious cakes. Each cake is not cheap, but it is worthy to spend money. I like its caramel brulee and cheesecake. Not many people know that SweetLife has quiche, danish, and non-sweet baked foods as well.

They also make a decorated cake. I have ordered one raspberry cheesecake with a graduation hat and a diploma on it for my boyfriend.

Eugene City Bakery 
1607 E 19th. Ave Eugene, OR
This bakery is located right next to Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream. The oatmeal raison chocolate chip cookie is the best! Also the multi-grain raison walnut sourdough tastes very good. I call the area around 19th and Agate Street, ” Hungry zone.”

Humble Bagel
2435 Hilyard St. Eugene, OR
Humble Bagel does not own its website, but the place is worthy to visit. They have so many various kinds of bagels and provide seasonal menu as well. After enjoying your bagel and coffee, you can stop by the Sundance market to buy local vegetable and organic products.

Marche Provisions 
296 E 5th Ave. Eugene, OR
The Marche is located in the 5th Public Market. They have unique and fancy small articles and kitchen related things. But my favorite is the bread they sell. It is the closest texture and flavor to the breads I used to have in Japan. The 5th Public Market was used to be a chicken processing plant. You can find something interesting and colorful at the market.

Although these bakeries are definite my favorites. However, as I mentioned It took a long time to find these bakeries, all of them do not have a good advertisement or marketing strategies. Only obvious marketing we can see is that the Humble Bagel places their bagels at the Market of Choice. All of these bakeries need to raise awareness among their audiences. who are parents of UO students and medium-high income families.

I hope my reviews on this post helps to spread the bakeries name.


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