Victoria’s Secret has insulted Native American pride

15 Nov

(By Hotness 100)

The largest American retailer of lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, was criticized for using a Native American headdress in their fashion show in a careless manner.

Victoria’s Secret apologized for the use of a Native-American style headdress, and excused that there was no intention to upset anyone and insult a Native American culture. The superficial apology made Native Americans more upset. They are really indignant about the commercial use of their glorious clothes, as well as Victoria’s Secret’s lack of consideration.

It is reasonable that Native Americans are upset about a model in lingeries wearing a special headdress.

Incorporating other culture to their fashion styles is one of the method to make a difference from the competitors.  However,  the way Victoria’s Secret used a headdress shows no respect to the Indian culture and history. It is obvious that VS did not research about it. VS’s disrespectful use of a headdress could be understood as the US’s attitude for Indian Country since Victoria’s Secret is a big famous company.

They need to show a sincere attitude and prove VS is not idiotic lingerie company. I would suggest VS to support financially and show a respect to Indian Country as their Corporate Social Responsibility. Although it is too direct and too simple solution, there is few company obviously standing by Native American, VS has a chance to get their trust back and gain a reputation.


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