Kamitori- Japanese restaurant in Eugene

18 Nov

(Top: David Panevin/ Left: lotusutol/ right: toyohara)

I was very excited when this Japanese restaurant opened a year and half ago, The name is Kamitori. The owner is from Kumamoto, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. He named the restaurant after the street in Kumamoto. The restaurant provides fresh seafood as sashimi and sushi. Although it may be a little expensive restaurant for students, the restaurant has kept its popularity in Eugene. The restaurant does not promote itself so much, but it is very popular. Most people know, or at least heard, about it. Why?

One of the reason is word of mouth advertising. I have told Kamitori to at least 15 new exchange students from Japan as well as American after my first try because I was satisfied the quality and enjoyed my meal. I think most customers have done the same thing as I have. EVen they do not have a flyer or poster, word of mouth is very strong and certain advertisements.

Other reason is Kamitori owns its website. It is nor common for the local restaurants to have their own website. You can find the reviews on Yelp, but not the restaurant website. This is a big factor of the Kamitori’s success. On the website, you can see menu, pictures and hours information. Also the first sentence you will see is “Are you tired of American style sushi?” It definitely interests people who like Japanese sushi and Asian food.

Also, the owner trains the part-time workers very strictly. The owner cares about the workers’ manners and attitudes for customers. Several friends has worked at the restaurant, but half of them quit the job because of the strictness. It is tough for workers, but I promise customers can have a nice time.

Kamitori is a good example of the local business. They provide high quality foods in a good atmosphere. This basic helps it to gain its reputation and position itself as a most popular Japanese restaurant in Eugene.


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