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People are still creative even under the severe situation

11 Nov

(By The_Roc)

The hurricane Sandy hit the East coast and you can still see traces of the damage caused by the hurricane. Even under the severe situation, people did not give up and try to help each other. I have read the article about a creative fundraising ideas.

Among all heart warming creative stories, a pop-up Internet cafe started by 11-year-old girl was very interesting. 11-year-old girl, Lucy Walkowiak, established a pop-up Internet cafe and charging station for neighbors. You can donate some money to the Red Cross by plugging in . It is a very simple way to donate money as well as most useful and helpful volunteer for lots of people. I was very impressed that a girl, who is only 11 years old, made up her mind to support her neighbors and create the Internet cafe. It is not just a fundraising, but a very modern smart method. We can see how essential the Internet is among children in the present day.

Although I was trying to create something interesting fundraising way during the hurricane, nothing was more creative than the idea of providing the Internet and charging station.