Instragram for a campaign

28 Oct





Instragram, this is one of the most popular social media tools these days.
I don’t use Instragram, so I didn’t understand why everyone liked the app and it was useful for a business till I have read this article.

First I think Instragram does not have any complicated function. It focuses on only pictures and comments, not like Facebook. This makes wide range of people use the app.

I think Instragram is very helpful for raising awareness and branding in a way to collaborate with other social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. The significance of Instragram is that it is a picture-only social media. As four out of five examples on the article are fashion related brand, Instragram is revolutionary for something visual is important. The brands use Instragram for updating its new releases or styles they produce. This can give the audiences the sense of the brand and let them know the latest items.

The using way I thought interesting, was themed Instragram. Tiffany Co. uses the hashtag #TrueLovePictures, and people post their lovely pictures with the hashtag. I thin this theme is smart and eye-catchy. Tiffany Co. is a jewelry shop and its customers are usually couples. So that the theme does not directly represent Tiffany CO., but it shows its tone. Also, it is easy to spread since most people are interested in seeing other people’s happy moments.

I am a big fan of Free people, which is one of the brands on the article. Since many people are positive about Instragram, I might think about starting using the app.


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