Why is Voodoo Doughnut so popular?

2 Oct

On the corner of Broadway and Willamette,  there is a conspicuous pink store and people line up in front of it.

(By Travel or Die)

Voodoo Doughnut, is a Portland based unique doughnut shop.”Magic is in the Hole!!” This is its catch phrase.

A lot of people in Oregon come to Portland or Eugene just to get its doughnuts. Don’t you think it is crazy? There are many kinds of doughnuts shops in America, but I cannot find doughnuts anywhere like Voodoo. Voodoo exemplifies OREGON with its unique concept, tasty, interesting flavor combinations etc.. Obviously, Voodoo’s target audience is someone who would like to be different from everyone. Their age would most likely be between 18- 60.

Speaking of Voodoo in Eugene, one of the biggest reasons that Voodoo has been successful is that Voodoo communicates with its customers well and has eye-catching doughnuts and other products, such as  t-shirts and novelty items.

1. Voodoo Doughnut innovates/makes many unique doughnuts

2. It collaborates with the University of Oregon, such as Voodoo Tuesday at the EMU and the doughnut cart by Autzen Stadium on game days. On game days, you can always make out  the pink boxes amongst the sea of green and yellow.

3. It remains open until late at night. (The Eugene store is open till 4 a.m.) Good for late night or breakfast, right?

4. The location is ideal, as it is in the middle of downtown, as well right across from the Saturday market. This makes for a more diverse customer pool, since it is so easily accessible.

Voodoo is a good example of a successful local food business.
I think I will get them now.


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