Raumen museum

11 Nov

Do you like to visit museum? What kind of museum do you like? Art museum? science museum? Here is a museum you may be interested in: ~Ramusement park~ Shinyokohama Raumen museum.


This museum is not a typical museum with a ramen history. You can actually eat a ramen. You can try nine different ramens as well as traditional old Japanese restaurant, bakery, and fortune telling. Also, The term “Ramusement park” is discribes the museum concept well.

The concept of the museum is Showa period, which is the time from 1926 to1989 in Japanese history. When it comes to Showa period, Ramen is one of the typical things.

As I mentioned, you can try a special ramen from nine districts. It is good marketing for the ramen shop not from Tokyo or main cities in Japan. People living in Tokyo area visit at the museum and find a ramen they like. Then, they will actually travel to the city and try the ramen over there. It is good not only for the ramen shop, but also for the tourism. Some ramen shops have succeeded to promote the ramens at the museum  and they could have expanded their business to Tokyo, and other cities.

If you have  a chance to visit in Japan, the Ramen museum would be a good place to experience the Japanese culture with great food!


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