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No respect on PR

24 Nov








The situation that public relations get no respect seems same everywhere.

In Japan, public relation is not common. Although companies have become to understand the importance of corporate social responsibility, CSR,  few companies have public relations as an individual department. Therefore, when someone asks me what I am studying in the U.S. and I answered PR, I have received many reactions like “Oh, PR! You mean advertising, right?” Or, when I say public relations, mos people do not know what it is. This is a critical situation. Gregory Galant, the author of the blog, quotes:

There’s no use putting lipstick on a pig. Arthur W. Page (1883-1960), the first PR man to serve on a the board of directors of a major public company, offered the principle “Public perception of an organization is determined 90 percent by what it does and 10 percent by what it says.” All too often the PR department’s only been able to influence the 10 percent part.

As it says, the influence of PR is less noticeable. PR is always practiced when the company is in crisis or did something wrong. I understand PR job does not attract most customers, it is most important position to keep the company in the right direction and in the stable position in the industry. Also PR is the only department or people to contact about the company. I think it is not an exaggeration that the success in PR  decides the company’s success.




Victoria’s Secret has insulted Native American pride

15 Nov

(By Hotness 100)

The largest American retailer of lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, was criticized for using a Native American headdress in their fashion show in a careless manner.

Victoria’s Secret apologized for the use of a Native-American style headdress, and excused that there was no intention to upset anyone and insult a Native American culture. The superficial apology made Native Americans more upset. They are really indignant about the commercial use of their glorious clothes, as well as Victoria’s Secret’s lack of consideration.

It is reasonable that Native Americans are upset about a model in lingeries wearing a special headdress.

Incorporating other culture to their fashion styles is one of the method to make a difference from the competitors.  However,  the way Victoria’s Secret used a headdress shows no respect to the Indian culture and history. It is obvious that VS did not research about it. VS’s disrespectful use of a headdress could be understood as the US’s attitude for Indian Country since Victoria’s Secret is a big famous company.

They need to show a sincere attitude and prove VS is not idiotic lingerie company. I would suggest VS to support financially and show a respect to Indian Country as their Corporate Social Responsibility. Although it is too direct and too simple solution, there is few company obviously standing by Native American, VS has a chance to get their trust back and gain a reputation.

People are still creative even under the severe situation

11 Nov

(By The_Roc)

The hurricane Sandy hit the East coast and you can still see traces of the damage caused by the hurricane. Even under the severe situation, people did not give up and try to help each other. I have read the article about a creative fundraising ideas.

Among all heart warming creative stories, a pop-up Internet cafe started by 11-year-old girl was very interesting. 11-year-old girl, Lucy Walkowiak, established a pop-up Internet cafe and charging station for neighbors. You can donate some money to the Red Cross by plugging in . It is a very simple way to donate money as well as most useful and helpful volunteer for lots of people. I was very impressed that a girl, who is only 11 years old, made up her mind to support her neighbors and create the Internet cafe. It is not just a fundraising, but a very modern smart method. We can see how essential the Internet is among children in the present day.

Although I was trying to create something interesting fundraising way during the hurricane, nothing was more creative than the idea of providing the Internet and charging station.

Social Media at a disaster situation

4 Nov

Hurricane Sandy has left traces of damages in the East coast. Many people were evacuated and have lost their property. My friend’s house was flooded above the floorboards and his car was completely destroyed, while people in Eugene were worrying about less rain this year.
Even though people have prepared for a hurricane this time using lessoned learned at the hurricane Irene last year, the East coast, especially New York City and New Jersey have got huge damage physically and economically.

 (By AndrewJohn2011)

From Journalistic perspective, social media seemed to play an important role in the severe situation in the East coast.

“….there were also tweets from ordinary people relaying very important information about their blocks, their neighborhoods, their boroughs. I knew what was happening to many of my friends as far away as the District of Columbia and as close as the guy up the block. There is no more important news than that” (Carr).

As Carr mentioned, Twitter is useful source for people to collect and share information. Those information can save your life sometime.

You can see the effectiveness of social media in the case of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake in March 3. 2011. The earthquake was magnitude 9.03, which was the largest earthquake has ever hit Japan. People were tweeting where they are, what conditions the towns were, when the next tsunami is expected to come, where to go to avoid the tsunamis, and all kinds of information. Many people could avoid the tsunami because of the tweets. Even people, who are not in the region, spread other people’s information to help someone facing to the hard situation. All of these information were much faster than broadcasts. Although the information were sometimes unsure if it is true or just rumor, Also, people shared the heart warming story at the disaster to encourage others to live strong. Twitter has tied people tighter and made people united to overcome the difficulty. It was very impressive for me. Since I have been in the U.S. at the time, Twitter and other online source were only tools to know what happened in Japan. Even though people did not know each other, Twitter has definitely connected people tighter than ever.

When people are at the risk of their lives, we do not have time to consider if it is acceptable information for the government or organizations. Sometimes, People just need more and faster information no matter what they are trustable.

Carr, David. “How Hurricane Sandy Slapped the Sarcasm Out of Twitter.” Oct 31. 2012. Web. Nov 1. 2012

Instragram for a campaign

28 Oct





Instragram, this is one of the most popular social media tools these days.
I don’t use Instragram, so I didn’t understand why everyone liked the app and it was useful for a business till I have read this article.

First I think Instragram does not have any complicated function. It focuses on only pictures and comments, not like Facebook. This makes wide range of people use the app.

I think Instragram is very helpful for raising awareness and branding in a way to collaborate with other social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. The significance of Instragram is that it is a picture-only social media. As four out of five examples on the article are fashion related brand, Instragram is revolutionary for something visual is important. The brands use Instragram for updating its new releases or styles they produce. This can give the audiences the sense of the brand and let them know the latest items.

The using way I thought interesting, was themed Instragram. Tiffany Co. uses the hashtag #TrueLovePictures, and people post their lovely pictures with the hashtag. I thin this theme is smart and eye-catchy. Tiffany Co. is a jewelry shop and its customers are usually couples. So that the theme does not directly represent Tiffany CO., but it shows its tone. Also, it is easy to spread since most people are interested in seeing other people’s happy moments.

I am a big fan of Free people, which is one of the brands on the article. Since many people are positive about Instragram, I might think about starting using the app.

NIKE broke off with Armstrong to protect its reputation

21 Oct

  (By  Rétrofuturs (Hulk4598) / Stéphane Massa-Bidal)

Oct. 17, the relationship between Lance Armstrong and NIKE has reached an end. NIKE decided not to support Armstrong anymore because of invincible evidence that Lance Armstrong has participated in doping. Since NIKE is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel,  the word “doping” is not fun word to hear. Especially the legendary athlete Lance Armstrong has had to do with it, this is a biggest and saddest news for NIKE.

To maintain the top sports brand position of NIKE, cutting off the contract with Armstrong was necessary, I think. I don’t know what the invincible evidence was exactly about and how many Armstrong supporters will leave him after this doping facts are disclosed, but NIKE does not want give its public the impression that NIKE supports doping.
It is possible that NIKE will lose some parts of its customers who has supported Armstrong and Livestrong. NIKE has contracted with Armstrong for a log time. Also Armstrong is a big public figure and he has aided cancer survivors, their family and current cancer patients. Even NIKE announced it would continues to support Livestrong, some people could feel that NIKE abandoned Armstrong to its profit. However, to show NIKE’s healthiness, it is important to give up drastically. I think the public understansd its decision and will stay with NIKE now and forever.

Armstrong is in a very difficult situation. It will be hard for him to convince the public that he is innocent especially the incident was given a lot of coverage, saying the popular sports brand cut him off. He resigned as chairman of Lance Armstrong Foundation not to give trouble to Livestrong supporters. Even if the news about his doping was fact, I hope he can get back his reputation since he has done a lot of charitable actions in the past.

IKEA’s foolish decision about Saudi catalog

13 Oct

IKEA is criticized for deleting all women from Saudi catalog and now the company regrets its actions. A family dinner photo was also omitted from the catalog. Many people question IKEA’s position on gender equality.

I think this issue more likely illustrates a business’ inability to expand to a completely different culture, as well as a shallow-minded decision.

Women are supposed to cover their face and hair with scarfs in Saudi Arabia. This is true, and I assume, this is the reason that IKEA chose to erase the women from the catalog. I don’t think IKEA attempted to show sexism. Although this issue happened because of lack of research and understanding that is IKEA’s fault, we cannot assume IKEA does not support women’s rights. If the catalog was made by Saudi Arabian employees, it would be a gender issue. However, since the catalog was adapted for the Saudi Arabian market, the issue is more likely a culture misunderstanding.

Since culture and gender are sensitive issues, IKEA should have used Arabic women or had models dressing in the traditional garb.

Also, the Saudi case is not the first time for IKEA has faced criticism from altering its catalogs.  IKEA has had many problems and most of them could have be avoided if IKEA considered them more carefully. IKEA needs to rebuild its image and its attitude to the public. Otherwise, everyone will think that not only its furniture is cheap, but its morals as well.